A Message From Our President - January 2014

Joyce M. Robinson, President

Trust, Transparency, Inclusiveness, Unity

ˇ°Thank Youˇ± is something we sometimes don't hear enough, but the work that you do as Booster Club members is vital and appreciated by Shaw University Athletics and the Student Athletes whom our fundraising efforts serve.

You are the backbone of the Booster Club. Without all of you, this organization could not function. You perform the critical work of fundraising and membership recruiting in increasingly difficult circumstances. But our efforts have paid off. We have more members today than ever before.

I want to take this time to personally thank all of you for your tireless work on our 2013 fundraising initiatives, but most especially for supporting me in my first year as Booster Club President. It has been a challenging transition that I might not have endured without so much of your prayers, support and words of encouragement.

In 2014, I am committed to working even harder to improve the quality, quantity and efficiency of our fundraising campaigns, and to protecting and enhancing the good name and image of Shaw University and the Shaw University Booster Club. I ask each of you for your prayers and continued support and to join me in pursuing these 2014 Booster Club goals:

  • We will began the year with a written plan. It will include goals for the Executive Board and each Executive Committee. These goals will be measured and shared so that our progress can be monitored.

  • Having a shared plan and goals is not enough. We need accountability. For accountability to work, Executive Board members and Committee Chairpersons must take responsibility for getting things done.

  • In 2013, we tried to do too many things at once. The unfortunate result was that we fell far short of our goal in almost everything. In 2014, we will work harder on maintaining focus. Our focus will become much sharper and more organized.

  • We will work harder to get things done right, the first time, and on time. Having interim update meetings, utilizing our newly established conference bridge technology might help to keep us all focused on priorities.

  • We will commit ourselves to ensuring that all of our work is guided by the Booster Club vision and mission, through underlying principles of professionalism and accountability, trust and transparency, inclusiveness and unity.

Our future looks bright and we are moving forward. I believe that with your continued hard work, 2014 will be an even better year for our organization.

I challenge every Booster Club member to join me in working to foster a greater sense of unity and trust in all of our work throughout the new year - because if you want to go fast, you go alone, if you want to go far, you go together!

So here is to a year of hard, smart and efficient work, of friendship and fun, of challenges and successes, of trust and unity.

Thank you again for your hard work and support. I look forward to the many great successes we will achieve and enjoy united, in 2014!

Joyce M. Robinson

President, Shaw University Booster Club - 2013/2014